Pup Joint

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Tread types: EUE, NUE, STC, LTC, BTC and Premium connection.
Specification:  Range: 2-3/8INCH to 20INCH0)
Standard: API 5CT and 5B J55,K55,N80-1,N80-Q,P110, C95
Grade: J55, K55, N80, L80, C90,T95, P110 and Q125.
Uses: Connecting two oil tubing or casing pipes.
Packing: By bundles, seaworthy packing

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What is a pup joint?

The pup joint is a commonly utilized fitting in industrial pipe connections. According to various connections, it can be normally divided into thread and flange types. The threaded type can be further categorized into two-head external thread, single-head external thread, and flathead external thread types. In addition, the item falls under tubing and casing types based on various usages.

Compared with the tubing, it is simply different in length. We can produce a variety of flat-end and external upset tubing pup joints with J, N, L, and other steel grades and different specifications.

The pup joint is a casing or tubing of length shorter than Range 1 with the same thread connection, used to adjust the length of tubular strings to its exact requirement.

Pup Joints are manufactured from AISI 4145H or 4140H-modified alloy, heat-treated to a Brinell Hardness range of 285-341 with a Charpy “V” notch minimum impact strength of 40 ft/lb at 70° F and one inch below the surface. Pup Joints are heat-treated to 110,000 PSI minimum yield. All connections are phosphate-coated to impede galling during initial make-up.

They are available in standard lengths of 5’, 10’, 15’, and 20’ with other configurations upon request. We can offer a wide range of drill string products and accessories with standard API or proprietary high-performance connections to meet the most demanding drilling requirements.

Details of Pup Joint

Standard: API SPEC 5CT&5B / ISO11960
Grade: J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/C95
Outside Diameter of Tubing Joint: From 2-3/8"(60.3mm) to 4.5"(114.60mm)
Pipe End: EUE/NUE
Outside Diameter of Casing Joint: From 4-1/2"(114.3mm) to 20"(508mm)
Threads: BTC, LTC, STC.
Lengths: 2,3,4,6,8,10 12 ft (with other lengths available upon request)
Surface Treatment: Coating
Protection of Thread: Thread protector
Packing: By wooden case, wooden pallet, or according to customer-specific requirements

Performance of pup joint
1. The joint body exhibits good mechanical strength and overall performance.
2. The threads on the joint are cut on the NC machine. This ensures the high precision of the threads and enhanced use life of the joint.
3. Phosphate coating or copper plating gives the joint good wear resistance.

Details of Pup Joint


GradeYield StrengthTensile Strength

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  • Size of Pup Joint

    2 3/8″J/K/L/N/PNUE/EUE2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12
    2 7/8″J/K/L/N/PNUE/EUE2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12
    3 1/2″J/K/L/N/PNUE/EUE2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12
    4 1/2″J/K/L/N/PNUE/EUE2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12

    4 1/2″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    5 1/2″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    6 5/8″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    7 5/8″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    7 3/4″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    8 5/8″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    9 5/8″J/K/L/N/PLTC/STC/BTC
    10 3/4″J/K/L/N/PSTC/BTC
    11 3/4″J/K/L/N/PSTC/BTC
    13 3/8″J/K/L/N/PSTC/BTC

    Manufacturing Process of Pup Joint


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