Butt Weld Fittings

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Standard: ASME / ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28, MSS-SP-43
Types: Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Stub Ends, Crosses, Laterals, Olets, Return Bends
Sizes: Standard 1/2″ to 48″ (special order larger O.D. fittings)
Wall Sizes: Schedule 20 thru XXS, and Special Wall Sizes
Specialty Items: Galvanizing, Sand Blasting Etc.

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What is a Butt Weld Fitting Type?

Butt-weld Fittings are used in a piping system to change direction or function of media, which is mechanically welded to the system completely. A welded joint actually becomes part of the pipe, minimizing leak potential. This welding provides greater margins of safety, especially under conditions of high internal pressures. 

Butt Weld Fitting Types

  • Elbow 45° LR
  • Elbow 90° LR
  • Elbow 45° SR
  • Elbow 90° SR
  • Elbow 180° LR (Return Bend)
  • Tee equal
  • Tee Reducing
  • Cross Equal
  • Cross Reducing
  • Reducer Concentric
  • Reducer Eccentric
  • Cap
  • Lap Joint Stub End
  • Nipples
  • Laterolet
  • Y type Tee
  • Lateral

Manufacturing Standards

ASME: ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28, MSS-SP-43

DIN: DIN2605, DIN2615, DIN2616, DIN2617, DIN28011

EN: EN10253-1, EN10253-2

Buttweld Fittings Grades

Stainless Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings: ASTM A403 WP 304/ 304L/ 304H/ 316/ 316L/ 317/ 317L/ 321/ 310/ 347/ 904L/2205 Duplex Fittings

Carbon Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings: ASTM A234 WPB / A420 WPL3/ A420 WPL6/ MSS-SP-75 WPHY 42/46/52/56/60/65/70

Alloy Steel Butt Weld Pipe Fittings: ASTM A234 WP1/ WP5/ WP9/ WP11/ WP22/ WP91

Other Materials: Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Tantalum, Bismuth, Aluminium, Zinc, Lead, etc.

Copper Nickel Butt Weld Pipe Fittings: CuNi10Fe1Mn, CuNi30Mn1Fe

Pipe Fittings Types

Seamless Buttweld Pipe Fittings

Seamless buttweld pipe fittings are manufactured from seamless pipes and tube by hot or cold extrusion, forming and machining process. We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of seamless buttweld pipe fittings in China. Most of the seamless buttweld pipe fittings in standard sizes and grades are available ex-stock for immediate supply to our customers.

Welded Buttweld Pipe Fittings

Seam welded buttweld fittings are produced from hot rolled stainless steel pipes. As per customer requirements, we can also manufacture and offer butt weld fittings manufactured from hot rolled plates, formed into half shells or segments and then welded on the seams. 

Sometimes Butt-weld fittings should be produced under non-standard drawing or requirement, especially in extra-long radius or large size of Bends or Tees, according to clients inquiries. We are specialized on tailor made non-standard fittings that should be fixed to your piping system with high performance operation. Sometimes mechanical or chemical corrosion or high pressure of flow or extreme temperature can be important. In this case, our designs will be the best solution for reliable and safe operation.

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  • Application of Butt Weld Fittings

    While butt-weld pipe fittings have their most obvious application in the oil and gas industry, you’ll see these critical parts successfully used in other lines of business, including:

    Wastewater treatment plants rely heavily on butt-weld pipelines to manage the flow of human waste safely.
    At the beginning of the human consumption chain, beer breweries use butt-weld pipeline fittings to move their products.
    Chemical plants that manufacture solvents and other potentially toxic materials depend on butt-weld pipe fittings to avoid costly, dangerous, and reputation-damaging spills.
    You’ll find butt-weld pipeline fittings even at our nation’s nuclear power plants to move critical coolant materials around the energy core as well as other applications.

    If you would like to inquire about any steel products, please feel free to contact us:admin@cnsteelpiping.com

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