EN 10216-2 Tube

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Type: Hot-rolled steel pipe, Cold-drawn steel pipe.
Specification: OD: 10.2-720mm. WT: 1.2-12mm. L.: 5-12m or customized.
Standard: EN 10216-2.
Grade: P195GH, P235GH, P265GH, 16Mo3, 14MoV6-3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10.
Surface: Painting, oil coating, Anti-corrosion and insulation.
Supplementary Technology: Plain or threaded with socket or beveled with plastic caps, hydraulic testing, eddy current, Infrared test.

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What is EN10216-2 Steel Pipe?

EN10216-2 steel pipe is specification made for seamless steel tubes for specified elevated temperature purposes such as boiler tubes, power plants, etc, it has the following steel grades: P195GH, P235GH, P265GH, 16Mo3, 14MoV6-3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10, with non-alloy and alloy steel included. EN 10216-2 steel pipe specifies the technical delivery conditions in 2 test categories for seamless tubes of circular cross-section, CN Steel Piping is an experienced boiler and pressure steel tube supplier that can offer you EN10216-2 steel tubes of all grade and dimension ranges.

EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe Chemical Composition

C% maxSi% maxMn% maxP% maxS% maxCr% maxMo% maxNi% max
16Mo30.12- 0.200.350.40- 0.700.0250.020.30.25- 0.350.3
14MoV6-30.10- 0.150.15- 0.350.40- 0.700.0250.020.30- 0.600.50- 0.700.3
13CrMo4-50.150.50- 1,000.30- 0.600.0250.021,00- 1,500.45- 0.650.3
10CrMo9-100.10- 0.170.350.40- 0.700.0250.020.70- 1,150.40- 0.600.3



EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe Mechanical Property

EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe Mechanical properties
Steel gradesMechanical properties during tensile testing at room temperatureResilience
Upper yield limit or yield strength Re or R0.2 for wall thickness of t minTensile strength RmElongation A min%Minimum energy average absorbed KVJ at the temperature of 0°C
P195GH195---320- 4402725-4028-27
P235GH235225215-360- 5002523-4028-27
P265GH265255245-410- 5702321-4028-27
16Mo3280270260-450- 600222040--27-
14MoV6-3320320310-460- 610201840--27-
13CrMo4-5290290280-440- 590222040--27-
10CrMo9-10280280270-480- 630222040--27-

EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe Equivalent steel grade

Steel GradeSteel StandardSteel GradeSteel StandardSteel Grade
P235GHDIN 17175St 35.8

P265GHDIN 17175St 45.8

16Mo3DIN 1717515Mo3

15Mo3BS 3606621
13CrMo45DIN 17175
BS 3606620
10CrMo910DIN 1717513CrMo44BS 3606622

P355NDIN 17179StE 355

P355NHDIN 17179TStE 355

P355NL1DIN 17179WStE 460

P460NDIN 17179TStE 460

P460NHDIN 17179WStE 460

P460NL1DIN 17179TStE 460

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  • Dimension for EN10216-2 Steel pipe

    EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe Outside diameter and wall thickness tolerances
    Outside diameter D mmPermissible deviations of outside diameter DPermissible deviations of wall thickness t depending on the T/D ratio
    D≤219,1+\- 1% or =\- 0.5mm depending on which is greater+\- 12,5% or 0.4 mm depending on which is greater
    D>219,1=\- 20%=\- 15%=\- 12,5%=\- 10%
    For the outside diameter of D≥355,6 mm, local deviation outside of the upper deviation limit by a further 5% of the wall thickness T is permitted


    EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe Inside diameter and wall thickness tolerances
    Permissible deviations of inside diameterPermissible T deviations depending on the T/d ratio
    +\- 1% or +\- 2mm depending on which is greater+2% +4mm
    depending on which is greater
    For the outside diameter of D≥355,6 mm, local deviation outside of the upper deviation limit by a further 5% of the wall thickness T is permitted

    Application of EN 10216-2 Steel Pipe

    - Boiler heating surface pipe
    - Economizer
    - Superheater
    - Reheater
    - Petrochemical industry pipe
    - Oil refinery piping
    - Steam pipeline
    - Power plant projects
    - Heat-exchanger
    - Heater
    - Boiler
    - Condenser

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